February 5, 2009

Sue and Spoonful

Side A: The Lovin' Spoonful, Best
Side B: The Sue Story

Label by JC

Check Your Head

Beastie Boys
Check Your Head

Capitol Records, 1992

German Mix

Side A: Chion, Wha Ha Ha, Station 17, Kolossale Jugend
Side B: Kolossale Jugend, Christou, Ferrari, Station 17

Gertrude Stein / Shelley Hirsch/ Anais Nin

Side A: Gertrude Stein reading 4 of her own works, Shelley Hirsch reading from The Infernal Desire Machine of Dr. Hoffman by Angela Carter
Side B: Anais Nin reading excerpts from her diaries

Rejuvenation / Fire on the Bayou

The Meters
Side A: Rejuvenation
Side B: Fire on the Bayou

Label by JC

Bluebird Blues / Texas Blues

Side A: Bluebird Blues
Side B: Texas Blues - The Early 50s

February 4, 2009


Very good pop music.

If you know who this is, please let us know.


Aster Aweke

Triple Earth Records, 1990

Free Mammals / Guitar Trios

Side A: Charles K. Noyes & Owen Maercks, Free Mammals
Side B: Eugene Chadbourne, Volume Three Guitar Trios

Lucia Dlugoszewski

Lucia Dlugoszewski
Side A: Fire Fragile Flight, Space is a Diamond, and Angels of the Inmost Heaven
Side B: Tender Theatre Flight Nagiere

Earth Passage/Density / Kind of Blue

Side A: Joseph Jarman / Don Moye, Earth Passage / Density
Side B: Miles Davis, Kind of Blue

February 2, 2009

The Best of Wilson Pickett / James Brown

Side A: The Best of Wilson Pickett & James Brown (misc.)
Side B: James Brown (misc.)

Note: "('My Thang' is cut off at the end in response to cutting 'Two 7s Clash' short on my tape.) mick"

Musiques Urbaines Akinshasa

Zaire: Musiques Urbaines Akinshasa

Orchestre Sankai
Orchestre Tour Puissant Likembe Konono No. 1
Orchestre Bambala
Orchestre Bana Luya

Recorded November 1978 by Bernard Treton

Sun Ra + Pere Ubu

Side A: Sun Ra + Pere Ubu
Side B: Pere Ubu, Song of the Bailing Man

The Devil Made Me Do It

The Devil Made Me Do It

Tommy Boy Records, 1990

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Pressure Cooker

Clarence Gatemouth Brown
Pressure Cooker

Alligator Records, 1985

Saxophone Colossus / St. Thomas (Live)

Sonny Rollins
Side A: Saxophone Colossus, 1963
Side B: St. Thomas (Live), 1959

De La Soul Is Dead

De La Soul
Is Dead

Tommy Boy Records, 1991

Liner illustration by Al Callabrass

Nigeria / Dial S For Sonny

Side A: Grant Green, Nigeria
Side B: Sonny Clark, Dial S For Sonny

Dr. Nerve

Broken Promises

Willie Nelson
Broken Promises

Quicksilver Records

Your Move

29th Street Saxophone Quartet
Your Move

Antilles Records, 1992

Compassion Seizes Bed-Stuy

William Parker / In Order to Survive
Compassion Seizes Bed-Stuy

William Parker, bass
Susie Ibarra, drums
Rob Brown, alto
Cooper Moore, piano

December 18, 1995